Brass Type


  1. Introduction
  2. Font Compositions
  3. European Typefaces
  4. Hebrew Typefaces
  5. Cyrillic Typefaces
  6. Accessories
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Our brass type is designed and manufactured specifically for gold & blind blocking by hand or machine, wherever heavy pressure and heat is needed. Made from very hard brass, it is engraved deeply and cleanly to a high standard, assuring good definition on Plastics, Vinyls, Leathers and all weights of card.

Marshall type is normally manufactured in one of two heights: -

  • Printers Type Height - 0.919" (23.34mm)
  • Blocking Height - 0.25" (6.35mm)

Other heights can be supplied to order.

Standard Letter Positioning on Brass Body

Brass Type SizesBrass Type Sizes
h = Point Size or Body Size

Brass type is measured from top to bottom of the brass body, as show above (h).

Point size refers to body size, e.g. 18pt type will be 18pt body with approximate size face on it. 1 point = 1/72" = 0.01387" = 0.353mm.

The smallest type body made is 8pt, 6pt type is engraved on 8pt body with the shoulder milled away.

Marshall Type body sizes are always accurately maintained to ensure perfect alignment.


Experience has shown that the following formats are the most useful, but any combination can be supplied to suit your needs.

Combination of 104 piece font

Uppercase Letters, Numbers & Punctuation

Quantity: 43334223422333422444322221

Character: 0123456789 &-.,'@£
Quantity: 2222222222 1132211

Combination of 150 piece font

Uppercase Letters, Numbers & Punctuation

Quantity: 64446324633556532676433332

Character: 0123456789 &-.,'@£
Quantity: 3333333333 1142211

Combination of 100 piece font

Lowercase Letters Only

Character: abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuv wxyz
Quantity: 64446334634444632555522222

For lowercase it is possible to order additional numbers provided 100 pieces are ordered. (this applies only when numbers are available for the particular font)

Additional Characters

Additional punctuation, fractions, accents, etc. can be supplied as extras (subject to availability in the chosen typeface).

Character:  "  '  @  !  ?  :  ;  /  =  #  *  %  1/8  ¼  3/8  ½  5/8  ¾  7/8  £  $  ¢  €  (  )  {  } 


A set of quads and spaces consists of twelve quads of various widths and fifty hair spaces.

All type is supplied British Standard high 0.919" (23.3 mm) unless otherwise requested.


The following typefaces are available. Each link will take you to a png image which is A4 or A5 in size and is ideal for creating a hardcopy of the typeface.

Latin Character Sets

Typefaces Which are No Longer Available

  • Adonis Extended
  • Art Nouveau
  • Edinburgh: we suggest considering 'York'
  • Fournier: we suggest considering 'EB Garamond Condensed'
  • Kent: Similar to 'Elizabethan'
  • Mercury Light Script
  • Rutland: Similar to 'DIN'
  • Winchester Old Style Italic

International Character Sets


Wood Type Cabinets

Wooden Type Cabinet

These are strongly constructed, polished wood cabinets, with six individually compartmented drawers. Each drawer is capable of housing two sets of small type or one of large with sections for quads & spacers. The cabinets have a back support to hold the drawers at a convenient angle whilst typesetting.
Overall size 14.25" x 10.5" x 9.5".

Slip Cases

Slip cases simplify typesetting by enabling each lien of type to be composed independently and then locked together with the turn of a screw.

Standard Slip Case

Standard Slip Cases

These strong slip cases are made in steel with brass ends. They are available in single, double and treble lines with 2", 3" and 4" lengths.
Other lengths, up to 10", can be made to order.

Economy Slip Case

Economy Slip Cases

These strong steel slip cases are made with one brass end only, in 4" lengths, single line.

Composing Trough

Composing Trough

A useful accessory for holding slipcases at a convenient angle whilst composing type.

Self-Centreing Typeholder

Self-Centreing Typeholder

Specially designed.